Making sure you don’t run out of money

The number one fear people have when approaching retirement or in retirement is running out of money. That’s because you’re likely facing two common risks that need to be checked on and addressed.

1. Sequence of Return Risk

The rules have changed, and no one told you! This is called a Sequence of Returns Risk. A lack of planning for this risk could be devastating, causing you to run out of money before you run out of life. We’ll make sure you’re taken care of amid changes.

2. Future Taxation Risk

You are not in control of your spendable income, the U.S. Government is. This puts you at Future Taxation Risk. We’ll help ensure you have a strategy to deal with an uncertain future tax environment, giving you the confidence to weather a long and full retirement.

Enjoying the hard-earned fruit of your labor

The KWD process has helped hundreds of professionals design a financial system to address these core concerns. Much more than a financial plan, the KWD process develops a cash flow, investing, and savings system that integrates your future with your today.

How it works

We’ll help you assess your current financial status, find leaks in your financial system and help you discover untapped wealth so your money can truly work.

Then we’ll design a custom system that integrates your financial world, plugs those leaks, recaptures the formerly lost dollars, secures your future and helps you enjoy the journey along the way.

Once your plan is in place, you can move forward with confidence and clarity. When you need or want money, there will always be a smart and efficient place to get it from.

Watch as your plan works for you, multiplying your opportunities and enjoyment.